Talk:Chapter 1

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Further Links or sidebar items required:

  • Guide use conditions to be provided by the lawyers
  • list of individuals that contributed to the development of this Guide
  • acronyms and links to organizations: INAP, MEND, BCARD, BC MEMPR, ADTI, ACMER, WRC, PADRE – with permission
  • acronyms and links to ‘Equator Principles’ and ICMM’s websites – with permission
  • cradle to cradle and relation to ARD ”{D. Kemp?}
  • glossary of common terms (Bill Price’s list?)
  • CW’s literature review?
  • sustainability (link to Beth’s subchapter)
  • teacher’s kit (eg. how to use Guide in teaching, lesson plan (including example questions and answers, illustrative slides etc.), how to customize for faculty or university level, possible limited use for high school students).