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The production of this Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide (GARD Guide) was initiated in 2007, culminating in the roll-out of Version 0 of the GARD Guide during the 8th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD) held from June 22-26, 2009 in Skellefteå, Sweden. Version 1 was issued during the 9th ICARD held from May 20-24, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The revision was largely based on comments and feedback received from users. Version 1 included major upgrades of Chapters 4 through 7, as well as numerous changes throughout the document related to updates and corrections.


The GARD Guide was made possible through financial contributions from the International Network on Acid Production (INAP) and the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). The project was developed and initiated by INAP in partnership with the Global Alliance.

Several organizations and many individuals contributed to the development of this GARD Guide. Golder Associates Ltd assembled a team that developed this version of the GARD Guide with the assistance and contributions from INAP member companies and consultants. INAP would like to thank all that contributed to the Guide.

INAP Member Companies

Links to INAP member
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The Global Alliance

Acid Drainage Technology Initiative (ADTI), USA

Chinese Network for Acid Mine Drainage, China

Indonesian Network for Acid Drainage (INAD), Indonesia

Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND), Canada

Partnership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe (PADRE), Europe

South American Network for Acid Prevention (SANAP), South America

Sustainable Minerals Institute – Knowledge Transfer (SMI KT), Australia (formerly ACMER)

Water Research Commission, South Africa

Golder Associates Team Project Management

Dr. Rens Verburg

Golder Associates (USA) – Project Director

Mr. Nico Bezuidenhout

Golder Associates (South Africa) – Project Manager

Ms. Shareen Khamisa

Golder Associates (South Africa) – Project Administrator

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Project Champion (Version 0)

Mr. Keith Ferguson: Sustainability Engineering (Canada)

Version 1 Chapter Champions

Spanish translation Executive Summary – Mr. Patrick Williamson – Schlumberger Water Services

French translation Executive Summary – Mr. Gilles TremblayNatural Resources Canada (Canada)

Chapter 4

Characterization – Dr. Stuart Miller – Environmental Geochemistry International (Australia)

Chapter 5

Prediction – Dr. Bill Price – Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

Chapter 6

Prevention and Mitigation – Dr. Ron Nicholson – EcoMetrix (Canada)

Chapter 7

Treatment – Dr. Janice Zinck – Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

Version 0 Chapter Champions

Chapter 1

The GARD Guide – Mr. Keith Ferguson – Sustainability Engineering (Canada)

Chapter 2

 The ARD Process – Dr. Rens Verburg – Golder Associates (USA)

Chapter 3

Corporate, Regulatory and Community Framework - Mr. John Wates - Fraser Alexander (South Africa); Mr. Frank Wimberley - Golder Associates (South Africa)

Chapter 4

Characterization – Dr. Devin Castendyk - SUNY Oneonta (USA) & Cheryl Ross – Golder Associates (USA)

Chapter 5

Prediction – Dr Kirk Nordstrom – USGS (USA) & Dr. Rens Verburg – Golder Associates (USA)

Chapter 6

Prevention and Mitigation – Dr. Ward Wilson – University of British Columbia (Canada) & Dr. Ben Wickland – Golder Associates (Canada)

Chapter 7

Treatment - Dr. Andre van Niekerk – Golder Associates (South Africa)

Chapter 8

Monitoring – Dr. Peter Chapman – Golder Associates (Canada) & Cheryl Ross – Golder Associates (USA)

Chapter 9

ARD Management and Performance Assessment – Dr. Andrew Robertson – Robertson Geotechnical Consultants; Dr. William Pulles - Golder Associates (South Africa) (Canada) & Dr. Dirk van Zyl – University of British Columbia – (Canada)

Chapter 10

ARD Communication and Consultation – Ms. Tisha Greyling – Golder Associates (South Africa)

Chapter 11

ARD Management and Sustainability – Ms. Beth Beloff – Golder Associates (USA) & Mr. Keith Ferguson – Sustainability Engineering (Canada)

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Version 0 Regional Champions


Mr. Nico Bezuidenhout – Golder Associates (South Africa)


Mr. Greg Maddocks – Golder Associates (Australia)


Mr. Ken DeVos – Golder Associates (Canada)


Dr. Bernadette Azzie – Golder Associates (Ireland)

South America

Dr. Flavio Vasconcelos – Golder Associates (Brazil)

United States

Dr. Rens Verburg – Golder Associates (USA)

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Contributing Authors

Mr. Brian Ayers

O’Kane Consultants (Canada)

Mr. Stephen Day

SRK Consultants (Canada)

Mr. Jim Gusek

Sovereign Consulting (USA)

Mr. Les Hulett

Vale INCO (Canada)

Mr. Denis Kemp

Denis Kemp Consulting (Canada)

Dr. Robert Kleinmann

Department of Energy (USA)

Dr. Stuart Miller

Environmental Geochemistry International (Australia)

Mr. Mike O’Kane

O’Kane Consultants (Canada)

Mr. Bryan Ulrich

Knight Piésold & Co (USA)

Mr. Walter Weinig

Golder Associates (USA)

Dr. Paul Ziemkiewicz

University of West Virginia/ADTI (USA)

Dr. Janice Zinck

Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

Mr. Luc Zandvliet

Corporate Engagement Project (USA)

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GARD Guide Steering and Advisory Committees and Secretariate

Dr. Clive Bell

ACMER (Australia)

Mr. Rich Borden

Rio Tinto (USA)

Mr. Charles Bucknam

Newmont (USA)

Mr. Rodolfo Camacho

BHP Billiton (Chile)

Dr. Dave Chambers

Center for Science in Public Participation (USA)

Dr. Terry Chatwin


Mr. Meiring du Plessis

Water Research Commission (SA)

Dr. Linda Figueroa

Colorado School of Mines/ADTI (USA)

Mr. Ross Gallinger


Ms. Elizabeth Gardiner

Mining Association of Canada/MEND (Canada)

Ms. Charlene Hogan

NRCan (Canada)

Dr. Zhenqi Hu

China University of Mining and Technology (China)

Dr. Adam Jarvis

University of Newcastle (UK)

Dr. David Jones

Australia Department of Environment and Health (Australia)

Mr. Lars-Åke Lindahl

Swedish Mining Association (Sweden)

Dr. Glenn Miller

University of Nevada (USA)

Mr. Peter Moore

Export Development Canada (Canada)

Dr. Bill Price

Natural Resources Canada/MEND (Canada)

Dr. Jos Schaekers

Consultant (SA)

Mr. Gilles Tremblay

NRCan (Canada)

Dr. Harvey Van Veldhuizen

World Bank - MIGA (USA)

Mr. David Williams

US Bureau of Land Management/ADTI (USA)

Dr. Christian Wolkersdorfer

PADRE/IMWA/University of Cape Breton (Canada)

Ms. Jennifer Yang

International Copper Association (China)

Dr. Paul Ziemkiewicz

University of West Virginia/ADTI (USA)

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INAP Staff

INAP Technical Manager

The INAP Technical Manager supports the OpCom in co-ordinating and carrying out networking activities, identifying external research providers, facilitating the development of research scopes and budgets, managing individual research projects, and producing publication material. The INAP Technical Manager is:

Terrence Chatwin
2105 Oneida St, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 USA
Tel : +1 801 581 6348
Fax: +1 801 581 5440

INAP Home Office

International Network for Acid Prevention Limited
Level 33, 120 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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INAP and the Global Alliance sponsored workshops to review selected portions of Revision 0 of the GARD Guide in Johannesburg (South Africa), Denver (USA), and Vancouver (Canada), Brisbane (Australia), Morgantown (USA), Stockholm (Sweden). These workshops were conducted in partnership with the Water Research Commission (South Africa), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/Acid Drainage Technology Initiative (ADTI) (USA), and Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND (Canada), Australian Centre for Minerals Extension and Research (Australia), West Virgina Coal Drainage Task Force (USA), and Swedish Association of Mines, Minerals and Metal Producers (SveMin). Over 150 experts attended those workshops. INAP would like to thank all of the workshop attendees for their interest and contributions to the GARD Guide.

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